Pavel Pechenkov ®

Pavel Pechenkov ®

Independent UX/UI designer ✺ from

Moscow with 6+ years of experience in
THE INDUSTRY ✺ I work with a neat,
Clean and minimalistic
style #


The guy who's a pleasure to deal with

My design is well thought out, and every detail of it has its own story. Cooperation with me is a detailed immersion in the project, partnerships and always work till the result.


The exact cost of the project is determined individually after the approval of the terms of reference and is fixed in the contract

One-page website

60 000 ₽

A web page whose main task is to collect contact information of the target audience. It is used to call the user to a specific action.

Multi-page website

From 90 000 ₽

A classic website of any subject with a complex structure. The information is placed on several pages, navigation is performed using the menu.

Design in Figma

70% of the full cost

Rendering of design layouts in the professional Figma program for further transfer of the project to specialists for layout.

Other tasks

3 000 ₽ per hour

Small changes on the website. For example, editing a design, connecting a payment system, sending e-mails, or other tasks.


I. Brief

We describe the tasks that the website should solve

II. Exploring the niche

Analytical work and market / product research

III. Prototype

Designing the logic of the future site

IV. Design

Style search, matching and rendering of all website pages

V. Development and animation

Implemention design on Tilda Publishing

VI. Setup and testing

I complete all the necessary procedures, transfer the project

Thesis about how the project is developing


Why did I choose Tilda ?

Tilda is a universal platform for creating and administering websites, which includes many useful functions:

  • acceptance and accounting of applications from the site
  • acceptance of payments
  • integration with delivery services and various CRM systems
  • maintaining your own site analytics
  • and much more

Tilda closes the absolute majority of business tasks and significantly reduces the cost of programmers and project implementation time, and working in the zero block and third-party codes allow you to create a unique design with pleasant custom animation and non-standard effects for any projects.

What deadlines can you focus on ?

The timing depends on the amount of work on the project and the number of edits made.

The average development time is as follows:

Single-page website: 10-14 working days
Multi-page website: 3-5 weeks

How many edits can I make ?

The standard number of edits is 3 iterations per block/page. One iteration includes a list of edits sent by a single message.

It is also possible to choose one
of the following options:

Unlimited number of edits

An option for those who want to fully control every step of development and do not want to stop at the standard number of edits. This option will increase the cost of the project by 50%.

Without references

An option for those who, on the contrary, completely trust the development of the website to me and don't want to take part in making decisions on the project. This tariff will reduce the cost of development by 2 times.

How will the website be displayed on mobile devices ?

To date, about half of all traffic is mobile device users, so adaptation to smartphones and tablets is included in the development of the site by default.

Do I need to register a domain myself ?

Yes, it's easier to do it yourself, since the domain name is registered with your data, with confirmation by e-mail and phone. The procedure will take no more than 5 minutes, if necessary, I will send a link to step-by-step instructions and options where you can buy a domain.

Do I need to buy hosting ?

No, you don't have to. Tilda itself will be the hosting on which your website is hosted.

What is not included in the development cost ?

— Payment for domain registration
— Payment for Tilda platform services
— Buying photos in photo banks or organizing a photo shoot

The development of the site is carried out for the agreed cost, which is fixed in the contract after the approval of the terms of reference.

Are you engaged in website promotion ?

No. Website promotion is an area related to development, other specialists are engaged in this. But I'm doing a basic SEO setup that helps the natural promotion of the site in search services.

Can you guarantee the conversion ?

No, I can't guarantee you any specific conversion rate. Strictly speaking, no one can guarantee it, because the conversion forecast is a hypothesis that can either be confirmed or refuted only in practice.

I can guarantee high-quality execution of only a part of the factors affecting the conversion, such as a well-developed design from the point of view of user interaction, structure, logic and technical performance of the site.

Everything else (for example, the quality of information on the site, the source of traffic, brand awareness, the speed of application service, etc.) is beyond my authority.

Are you working under a contract ?

You can do both "with" and "without", it depends on your needs and the amount of work.

Do you work with NDA ?

Yes, I'm working. If I sign an NDA contract, the cost of the project will increase. The amount of compensation for non-disclosure depends on the terms of the agreement.

What is the payment procedure ?

The project development is divided into several stages. Prepayment is made in the amount of 100% for a specific stage to be implemented.

What if I only need a design ?

This is possible, the cost will be 70% of the turnkey development.

I have a question

I will be happy to answer all your questions. Feel free to drop me a line at any time, as soon as I can, I will pay attention to you. In touch!

Let's create something amazing

Knock on messengers, e-mail, social networks or click Jarvis to form a more accurate request.

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